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I am a licensed aesthetician and Certified Makeup Artist, I attended Makeup First School in Chicago, IL. and Mario Tricoci University. I have also been trained and certified through Sephora. I worked at Sephora for more than a year until I decided to finally make my dream, of owning my own store, become a reality!

My inspiration for my business name:  my children Isabella and Giovanni, they inspire me to work harder every day. I continue to further my education on a constant basis, staying current on all of the latest trends.

Makeup Artist
Makeup Artist

                "My Passion"

 Loving & expressing the Art of makeup through the natural Beauty of All Women.

I believe the art of enhancing ones’ beauty is in the ability to create and in some way transform the natural beauty of the person sitting in front of me.  Once I start, I am somehow transported to a place, where I begin to see the change.   There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the final result - a  big smile is reflected back and a new look emerges.  I feel art is in my genes! My father expresses his creativity through the art of furniture making, as well a professor of finances.  My younger brother is a self-taught artist, he owns and operates his own art studio,  in Las Vegas, NV.    Now, it seems my daughter is following in the same footsteps.  I feel blessed to also have been a bride this past year.  I understand the expectations of a bride and her needs for her very special day!

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